Frequently asked questions

What is btr?

btr. is a multiplatform solution created with the guidance of beauty industry leaders. btr. will take care of the general and day to day operational management of your salon, as well as it's promotion to new clients while you focus on delivering first class service to your clients.

What type of businesses will benefit from btr?

All business which provide ranges of services to their clients, do sales, scheduling, inventory, busiensses than have staff members and visitors and more. btr. was developed to improve the performance of beauty salons, dental cabinets, SPA studios etc.

How much does it cost?

Fot a limited period of time btr. is completely free to use platform. It will cost you only 2 minutes of your time to register and start using!

Can you manage more than 1 venue/salon?

The platform can maintain unlimited number of salons. You'd like to keep hair care and nail services separate or just manage multiple venues, btr. can do it!

Is btr. multi platform?

btr, works on all devices with internet access, the platform's interface is adaptive and optimised based on the device you are using so you can have the best experience with the platform.

How to cancel?

It is not necessary, btr. is a completely free service!

Can I use btr. for marketing purposes?

You don't have to. We have taken care of your business's marketing. Just by using our platform, your salon will be exposed in our social app where clients will easily find you and book in.